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Practical Tips to Prevent Your Nike Glasses from Fogging

One of the numerous things that can make your glasses fog up is humidity. This is the reason for fogging and the methods to resolve it. The purpose of eyewear is obvious: to improve vision. They act oppositely when fog comes in the way. An estimated 166 million Americans wear prescription glasses, and foggy glasses are a regular annoyance and even a serious issue for them. This is the reason behind it and here’s what an individual can do to prevent foggy glasses.

Causes foggy glasses

Condensation, a straightforward chemical reaction that takes place when the vapor of water cools down sufficiently to transition from a gaseous state back into a liquid form, is what causes foggy glasses. If there is a significant temperature differential between an object and the humid air around it, this can occur very quickly. 

According to a report, condensation will form on your Nike glasses when warm air comes into contact with cool lenses as you move into a warm environment. Thus, your glasses may fog up instantly upon entering a hot area after spending a chilly winter outside. Stepping outside into scorching humid warm air after using air conditioning can have the same effect.

The COVID-19 pandemic made the issue of eyewear lenses fogging up more widespread for many people. When your glasses are cold, the warm, humid air from your mask will direct it upward and cause fogging.

Five tips to prevent your glasses from fogging up

Glasses with fogging can be beyond simply an annoyance because they can be dangerous if they happen at the wrong time, just when you’re about to descend steps in an entrance. Luckily, there are some things you can do to either rapidly clear the fog from your Nike eyeglasses or stop it from happening.

  • Apply a coating to your lenses that resists fogging

The majority of eyewear makers provide you with a choice to cover your lenses with materials that lessen condensation and fogging. If you frequently experience fogging in your glasses, make sure the next pair of Nike prescription glasses you buy has this feature. 

  • Use anti-fog treatments to take care of your lenses 

Using one of the many anti-fog sprays or wipes available on the market daily can help prevent the lenses from fogging up. 

  • Try the soap-and-water method

This is an easy substitute for purchasing anti-fog merchandise. Just give your lenses a quick wash with water and soap, brush off any remaining liquid, and allow them to evaporate with a thin layer of soap over them. It will prevent fog from accumulating, but it won’t impair your vision. 

Ensure that the soap won’t harm any lens treatments you may have by contacting the manufacturer of your eyeglasses.

If you use a mask, check that your spectacles aren’t too tight since you cannot allow your heated breath to get caught in the lenses. You may avoid fogging up your glasses by pushing them a bit deeper into your nose while leaning over your mask. It will create additional room and let cool air circulate your spectacles.

  • Tightly seal your mask around your nose

Avoiding breathing directly into your glasses is the smartest action you can do when wearing a mask. To keep air from leaking from the upper part of your mask and to form a tight seal over your nose, use the tape or the flexible wire that comes attached to your mask.

  • Always have a lens towel on hand

It’s usually a good idea to keep a lens cloth on hand in case your spectacles fog up for whatever reason. Verify that the microfiber cloth is clean and won’t harm your lenses. 

The best anti-fog products for Nike men’s glasses in wintertime


Mist with Anti-Fog

Do your eyes have cloudy lenses? A quick and portable fix is to sprinkle your glasses with a small layer of fogaway anti-fog spray. For best results, though, it’s imperative to first select the appropriate sort of spray.

If you apply too much spray, there can be some obvious residue on your glasses the next time you wear them. Make an effort with several products to find the ideal combination that maintains flawless eyesight throughout the day.

Fog-Resistant Lens Coating

An affordable substitute for fighting foggy glasses is an anti-fog lens treatment. Any glasses lens can have a protective layer like the anti-fog applied to it with ease. Regarding misty specs,anti-fog treatment will always meet your expectations.

Unluckily, some particular eyewear, including sports, medical, or safety glasses, need specific treatment alternatives, so the anti-fog approach could only work for some.

Anti-Fog wipes

These unobtrusive anti-fog wipes are really handy for stopping glass fogging. They’re ideal for on-the-go cleanup with a quick wipe and anti-fog coating to stop additional condensation on the lenses. Keep one in your purse or pocket for any time you need it.

Fog-Repelling Microfiber Cloth

An effective tool for clearing hazy glasses is a microfiber cloth. Millions of minuscule strands make up their special fabric, which functions like tiny sponges to gently take dust and debris off surfaces without causing scratches. Microfiber cloth absorbs significant moisture, keeping your AR lenses streak-free and clear.

Furthermore, the fibers’ tiny size makes it possible for them to squeeze into all the little crevices and nooks of your glasses, which makes it much simpler to get rid of any oils or smudges that have accumulated over time.

Avoid to deal with fogged-up glasses

Like with any other common annoyance, individuals are quick to devise homemade fixes for fogged glasses. Some of these strategies, meanwhile, may worsen the issue or possibly harm your lenses. Remedies listed below should not be used to prevent foggy glasses:

Toothpaste: A lot of toothpastes have abrasive components, including baking soda, that can damage your lenses.

Polyethylene terephthalate film: Studies have revealed that this anti-fog film, which has been utilized in some work environments, may increase humidity and droplet production.

Hand sanitizer: The alcohol in sanitizers for hands can harm the protective coatings of many eyeglasses, despite some research suggesting that they can prevent eyewear from fogging up. 

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